Little Treasure

By Katie and Imogen

Our small business is a celebration of our friendship, creativity and the joy of handmade craft.

We are Katie and Imogen, two inseparable best friends who have always had a passion for creativity and handmade crafts since we were little girls. For years we have bonded over our love for crafting and creating unique jewellery for ourselves, friends and family. And then one day, while we were admiring our creations, we had an idea. What began as a shared hobby soon blossomed into a dream of opening our own business and we now share our dream with the world.

Our passion shines through in every piece we create and we want to inspire others who has ever dared to dream of turning their passion into a small business. With a heart full of excitement and a sprinkle of nervousness, we decided to take a leap of faith and launch our small business, Little Treasure. We poured our hearts and souls into every aspect of our brand, from the name, which embodies the preciousness of our handmade creations and our friendship which we treasure. And so, Little Treasure is born – a beacon of handcrafted beauty and a testament to the power of friendship.

 All our products are completely hand made.

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Little Treasure

Little Treasure offer wholesale to a selected collection of shops and boutiques.

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